Learn to Cross Country Ski with Randy Johnson.
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Backpacking 101 Tips
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Don’t Get Lost in the Woods. Watch this humorous three-part WSOC-TV series on “Mountain Survival.” Randy gets dropped out of a helicopter into the wilderness—blindfolded—and finds his way back to civilization. Ignore the red shorts!
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Don’t Get Lost in the Woods: Top Ten Tips
Read Randy’s hiking and backpacking tips

Leave No Trace: See the “Leave No Trace” traveling trainers in action as they demonstrate the secrets of low impact camping during a hike with Randy and friends on Grandfather Mountain, NC

Backpacking Primer: Watch Randy’s Backpacking 101 equipment video as he prepares for an overnighter on Grandfather Mountain.
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Cross Country Skiing
Take a Cross Country Ski Lesson. Randy teaches the basic techniques in a video cross country lesson at Moses Cone Memorial Park in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. Randy has taught hundreds of people to ski as a member of the Nordic Professional Ski Instructors of America. Tom McAuliffe reports.
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Cross Country at Roan Mountain, North Carolina. Take a ski tour at Roan Mountain, one of the south’s best places to cross country ski. John Stubblefield’s WXII-TV news report depicts the early 1980s heyday of the Roan Mountain State Park Cross Country Ski Center.
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Hemispheres Magazine
Watch a video about Hemispheres Magazine’s 15th anniversary in late 2007. Quicktime

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